Basham Management & Associates, Inc.

Our Services & Resources


We supervise your organization, oversee the day-to[day operations, create a team environment, and provide solutions that deliver unprecedented performance without sacrificing control. 
 “Management is the foundation of any business and the roadmap to success!” 

  Our Management Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • General Management, Project Management, Sales Management, Direct Sales, Targeted Marketing, Event Management, Advertising, Vendor Management, and Website for most industries. 
  • Administrative, Back Office Support, and Staffing Solutions, 
  • Employee Training, Motivational Seminars, Customized Policy & Procedure Manual. 
  • Annual Strategic “Business Plan”, Direction and Bonus Programs. 
  • Ongoing General Management and Key Department Head Meetings. 
  • Maintain communication with the owner(s), department heads, general staff, vendors, and customers. 
  • Monthly detailed operating reports which include recommendations for improvements and the necessary changes. 

Targeted Marketing

We reach your audience in an authentic, more meaningful, and personal way building relationships. 
  • Website                                         ●  Advertising Campaigns                     ●   Contact List 
  • Social Media                                  ● Lead Generating Services                 ●   Lead Boxes 
  • Video                                             ●  Brand Ambassadors                          ●   Promotions 
  • Advertising Campaigns                 ●  Email Marketing                                 ●   Demographic 

Direct Sales

In addition, we provide customized sales and marketing support, and additional business support services to help with your business needs to qualified businesses.   Our professional sales team provides direct sales and customized marketing solutions based on your company’s goals and budget.  We help you generate clients, raise visibility, heighten demand, increase revenue, client retention, and save your company unnecessary costs while developing lasting relationships.

Lending & Financial Solutions

Contact Us to schedule a meeting with one of our experts to discuss how a business can optimize cash flow, solve working capital issue(s), and get paid faster regardless of the industry size that qualify through our associate partners.  In addition to helping with 
Start Ups 
  • As low as 10% down 
  • As low as $0 down. 
Debt Refinancing 
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Come away with answers to your business questions from our experienced consultants: 
  • Have questions and need advice on Starting a Business? 
  • Already doing business and need a business turnaround? 
  • Was your business effected by COVID-19 Pandemic and need alternative solutions and resources? 
  • Are you an experienced business owner and just need advice and alternative solutions to make the necessary changes? 

Website Design & Video

and a study prior to the pandemic showed that 81% of consumers go online before making a purchase.  Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic it is even more important to have a website.  If you do not have a website for your business, and consumers are searching for a product or service, well it is almost as if your business does not exist.  Contact Us to discuss your new website design, successful branding, and learn how your business can generate sales.